NV 3x3 Roller

Why 3 Rollers?

The NV 3×3™ Tri-Rolling System will create a smooth surface for your greens by using evenly spaced rollers to distribute weight equally by following the contours of the greens.

How much do they weigh?

Each roller weights approximately 140 lbs. However each True-Surface® NV 3×3™ greens roller has an additional weight kit option that allows you to add up to 20 lbs per roller. Get the full specifications sheet by clicking here.

Are the additional weights included with my initial purchase?

No. The NV 3×3™ does not include the additional weight kit option with your initial purchase. To order your weights, contact your local True-Surface® dealer or go direct by contact Cassie or Christopher at True-Surface® by Turfline.

How does the NV 3×3™ compare to other weighted triplex rollers on the market?

Unlike other weighted rollers, the True-Surface® NV 3×3™ greens roller has a universal design that allows you to switch mower brands with a simple fitting kit – never making it obsolete. Furthermore, the advanced Tri-Rolling System creates a consistently smooth putting surface.

What is the difference between the True-Surface® NV 3×3™ and the True-Surface® Vibe V™?

While both rollers do mount on triplex greens mowers, comparing the two rollers is like comparing apples to oranges! The Vibe V™  is a lightweight vibratory greens roller with selectable vibration. We always recommend using the True-Surface® Vibe V™ for superior greens care results! The True-Surface® NV 3×3™ is a greens roller that only uses weight to smooth the greens. We recommend using the NV 3×3™ as a low budget option for greens rolling – purchase the NV to use until you have the budget to purchase the Vibe V™.

Which brand of triplex greens mowers do they fit?

  • Toro GM3-3150, Toro 3250 & Toro TriFlex

  • Jacobsen Greensking 3 – 6 & Jacobsen E322

  • Jacobsen GPlex I, II, III & GP 400

  • John Deere 2243, 2500, 2500E, & QA5

Where do I get replacement parts?

You can order parts either through your local True-Surface® dealer or directly through True-Surface® by Turfline. Speak to a friendly Turfline customer service representative by calling 800-443-8506 or email your parts order to Cassie or Christopher. Most orders ship out the same day or within 24 hours of your placed order. We do not recommend using any parts other than the approved parts supplied by True-Surface® by Turfline.