Greens Care Collection

How does the Greens Care Collection Work?

The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection consists of three frames that will attach directly to your triplex greens mower. It has 13 different, interchangeable inserts designed to fit inside those frames. To ensure a secure fit, True-Surface® loads its inserts from the top of the frame – eliminating the risk of them dropping out and damaging your greens. Each True-Surface® insert can be lifted out of the frame with ease and replaced with another Insert. With 13 interchangeable inserts to choose from, you will be certain to find multiple greens care tools to fit your needs!

Which brand of triplex greens mowers do they fit?

      • Toro GM3-3150, Toro 3250 & Toro TriFlex

      • Jacobsen Greensking 3 – 6 & Jacobsen E322

      • Jacobsen GPlex I, II, III & GP 400

      • John Deere 2243, 2500, 2500E, & QA5

      • Ransome

Do I have to purchase the Vacu-Cutter™ Insert first?

The 45-Blade Vacu-Cutter™ Insert is our most popular insert, but you do not have to purchase it with your initial Greens Care Collection frame. Choose from any of our 13 outstanding inserts to get your collection started!

Do the True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers fit into the Greens Care Collection Frame?

Although the Vibe V™s are an excellent complement to the Greens Care Collection, they do not fit inside the GCC frames. To produce quality greens rolling results, you need higher vibration levels than what an open frame can handle without shaking itself apart.

Only the True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers have a patented design that incorporates an internal vibration shaft which transmits high frequency vibrations to the large roller tube that encloses it. The Vibe V™ has rubber shock absorbers that isolate the vibrations to the greens and not the mower. The True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers protect the mower from vibration damage and exceed the strict safety guidelines by maintaining a VITAL separate frame. The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection has chosen to take the safe route by not offering a vibratory greens rolling insert that will cause the whole frame, insert, and lifting mechanism to vibrate itself apart.

The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection, however, does offer the NV Roller Insert. The NV is a non-vibratory greens roller insert that fits into the GCC frame. It has a 5” diameter and weighs approximately 160 lbs when inside the frame.

Do I have to purchase an entire new set of GCC frames if I change greens mower brands?

No need to purchase a new set of frames! All True-Surface® products are designed with no planned obsolescence. A simple fitting kit will keep your Greens Care Collection running if you ever decide to change your brand of greens mowers. Contact True-Surface® by Turfline to find out which kit you will need.

How much do they weigh?

Each True-Surface® Greens Care Collection Frame weighs approximately 46 lbs.

Each individual insert weighs the following:

      • Vacu-Cutter™ – 17 lbs

      • Vacu-Groomer™ – 13 lbs

      • Vacu-Brush™ – 10 lbs

      • Vacu-Scarifier™ – 14 lbs

      • Greens Spiker – 59 lbs

      • Star Slitter – 45 lbs

      • Deep Slicer – 12 lbs

      • NV Roller – 74 lbs; 38 lbs removable weight can be added

What are the working widths of each GCC Insert?

      • Vacu-Cutter™ – 19 5/32”

      • Vacu-Groomer™ – 20 1/8”

      • Vacu-Brush™ – 19 7/8”

      • Vacu-Scarifier™ – 17 59/64”

      • Greens Spiker – 18 ½”

      • Star Slitter – 18 3/8”

      • Deep Slicer – 18 3/8”

      • NV Roller – 19 ¾”

How does the Greens Care Collection compare to others on the market?

The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection gives you the versatility of 13 interchangeable inserts that provide quality greens care results. Unlike other interchangeable systems, the Greens Care Collection avoids damaging drop-outs by using a “top-loading system” to change out inserts. Furthermore, the Greens Care Collection is built with a strong and sturdy frame while other systems use a frame that is weakened by its “clam-shell” opening system.

Where do I get replacement parts?

You can order parts through your local True-Surface® dealer or directly through True-Surface® by Turfline.  Speak to a friendly Turfline customer service representative by calling 800-443-8506 or email your parts order to Cassie or Chris. Most orders ship out the same day or within 24 hours of your placed order.  We do not recommend using any parts other than the approved parts supplied by True-Surface® by Turfline.