Tree Removal & More

Completely remove trees (including the root wad) in mere seconds. Shake off any excess soil, tightly stack your burn pile, then backfill your tree hole with the grader blades. You’ll love the multi-functionality of the Badger Claw! Use your “Claw” for: tree removal, brush removal, fence post removal, tightly stacking piles, surface grading, transporting hay bales, eliminating tree re-growth and dangerous stumps, filling deep ditches, transporting irregular- shaped objects, and more.

Transport various materials with ease

The BadgerClaw is unlike any other grapple you’ve ever seen. It features a 3-point system that allows a range of 180 degree mobility. You can perform more tasks than ever imaginable. With dual-independent claws that are self-leveling, the Badger Claw gives you the flexibility to safely control various diameter targets. 

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