How to Prepare your Golf Greens for Fall

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for many reasons! We love feeling the summer air turn into a cool brisk wind and seeing the green leaves turn into the most amazing warm vibrant shades of red and yellow. One thing we always think about during the fall is all the preparation we do to prepare for the many festivities of the season: baking for the friends and family, getting ready for the kiddos who will soon be knocking on your door asking for treats, and choosing the best décor to warm your home with fall colors. Oh yes! There is a lot of preparation that goes into the fall!

Fall Season for the Golf Greens Industry

So, what does the fall season mean for many of us that work in the golf industry? You guessed it – more preparation! Not only preparing your club for the many fall festivities you might be hosting this year, but also prepping your greens and greens maintenance equipment for those tasks. You want to make sure your greens are in the right condition to recover from the summer, and then ready to move from fall right into the winter. And of course, you need to make sure your greens maintenance equipment is in good, running condition to perform the necessary tasks as well.

Adjust Mowing Heights For Golf Greens and Start Using Verticutting Equipment

Obviously, every golf course is different and each superintendent has they’re own fall maintenance program in place – now, that the summer heat is finally passing, you may consider adjusting your mowing heights and start using your verticutting equipment again. Whatever your plan might be, the main objective is to create smooth, healthy greens that won’t interrupt your golfers’ playability. You need a program that includes golf maintenance equipment that won’t disrupt the game.